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The Importance of Lawn Maintenance

There are various types of lawn maintenance services which include; lawn aeration, lawn feed, lawn mowing, lawn watering and lawn weeding. In order to avoid the soil being compacted addition of air is necessary. By aerating the lawn, nutrients and water easily penetrate through which results in a healthy lawn. Manual and mechanical means are the two ways in which aeration is done and in the manual way a fork is used while for mechanical a plug of soil is extracted using a mechanical device. Devices used most especially the mechanical one needs to be specially designed to aerate the lawn. Effective lawn aeration the time season needs to be observed.

Fertilizer is the other term used to describe lawn feed in the process of lawn maintenance. The purpose of adding fertilizers is to provide the lawn with nutrients to have a thick and brighter grass on the lawn. Lawn feed time is observed in order to allow for the kick start process of root development. Lawn feed is done again in order to repair damage caused by the summer season while at the same time prepare it for the rain season.

Spreading using hand or using a push spreader are some of the ways in which fertilizer is applied in the lawn. Application of the lawn feed requires the use of gloves in order to avoid contamination or skin irritation. Lawn aeration and lawn feed are the first two steps of lawn maintenance services.

Lawn mowing is the other process which is basically cutting or trimming of grass using a lawn mower. In order to get a well -trimmed lawn use of sharp mower blades is advised. In the lawn mowing process it is recommended to cut grass of not more than a third with each mowing. When grass is cut the lawn is able to expand allowing for a better more thicker lawn. The resistance of weeds and diseases is as a result of a thicker lawn which was resulted by the expansive nature of grass after mowing which developed new grass that absorbed sunlight efficiently.

Certain factors necessitate the need of selecting lawn care service companies on of them is material resources in which companies that have the best equipment’s are able to provide quality service. Lawn condition influences the choice of lawn care services. Organic gardening is the other factor as most companies are not aware of organic methods. Its advisable to air out your expectations with the company before any deal is sealed and the company to ask for clarifications if they are not sure. Companies that have an effective communication system result in good work relations with their clients.

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