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Buying a house in South Africa

South Africa has always been known as the ‘Jewel of Africa.’ It is a country of lush wildlife and amazing landscape. And this is the reason why this country is so popular. It has world class infrastructure with modern roads, trains, buses, and internal flights so it is easy to get around. It has 3500 kilometers of paradise coast line, more than 20 National Parks, and many World Heritage sites. The climate in this country is wonderful and you can find many activities to do from scuba diving to cultural landmarks and trails to golf, great food and wine. No wonder this country has become so popular.

Every year a lot of tourists visit South Africa because of its wondrous diversity. This diversity is seen in their world class infrastructure, unbridled wild nature, the best beaches, fantastic cities, and great weather all rolled into one. And this is why many people come to South Africa to buy properties there.

Depending on location and build type, two and three bedroom houses can be purchased for a hundred thousand euros upwards. For as little as a hundred and twenty thousand euros you can buy detached villas with three bedrooms. If you want to buy a house in South Africa, then it is important for you to first know the process of acquiring property in the country. For many years now, foreign nationals have been investing in property in South Africa and business is well established.

If you are buying property in South Africa, you need to consider these tips.

Foreigners can buy property in South Africa. You will find their land registration system quite complicated.

People in South Africa refer to their real estate as immovable property.

You are to pay conveyancing fees.

Conveyancing fees are waived if buying off plan.

The location you choose to buy your real estate property is very important. Make sure that you re buying in a good safe location. The most important consideration when buying real estate property is the area and not the size or the style of the house or property you are buying.

Although foreigners can buy property in South Africa, they are not allowed to extract any minerals from the land.

There are areas that are claimed by tribes and the south African government recognizes this claim. If the property that you want to purchase falls under this trial jurisdiction, make sure you have capable legal representation. Knowledge of many different local variants will be necessary to ensure a successful purchase.

There are sites where you can find help to search for properties for sale in South Africa.

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